1. We start with full face and profile photos of the patient (slides or digitally transmitted photos are also acceptable).

2. Patient's and Doctor's expectations.

3. Pre-op full arch impressions and bites.

4. We then proceed with computer imaging of the desired final result for your patient's review and approval. You may preview the image via e-mail before we print full-color 8 ½ x 11 die sublimation.

5. Once we have an approved look from the patient, we duplicate your pre-op models and provide you with a prep guide diagnostic wax-up matching the computer generated image.

6. We then make a clear polyvinyl matrix of the wax-up to be used for fabricating your provisional, chair-side.

7. Once teeth have been prepared, impressed, provisionals cemented, and adjustments made, we request an impression of provisionals in the mouth, and a photo.

8. We then make a labial and incisal matrix of provisionals for fabrication of the final restoration.

The above mentioned steps are very important in the exact placement of colors, transparencies, and effects, to be used in our ceramic or ceramic-optimized polymers.

With proper planning and the utilization of these techniques, we have found we can eliminate any surprises. We are duplicating a proven look, already accepted by the patient, and any adjustments necessary will be very minor, resulting in happy patients…..the first time. And most importantly, you will have confidence in referring our team to your family and friends.