What our Customers say about us:

Since 1998 my ability to communicate potential aesthetic improvements has taken a great leap forward since beginning my partnership with Tony Smith and Smileart Communication. I have created imagings for literally hundreds of people since then and it has been an integral part of my transformation as a dentist. Whether sharing the beautiful improvements with the patient, the lab technicians, or checking the final restorations before cementation, Smilearts world class imagings contribute toÊsuccess every step of the way. Tony Smith is a joy to work with and his ability and results far exceed any otherÊimaging service in our profession. Thank you, Tony

Craig J. Christian, DDS.
Centre for Aesthetic Dentistry
Pacific Grove, CA

1) At da Vinci Dental Studios we have benefited greatly from our relationship with "Smile Arts". We can offer our customers imaging marketing support that makes case acceptence a no brainer from their patients, which increases both of revenues.

2) The imaging our clients receive from "Smile arts" is second to none and unlike other services it is done with the lab in mind. "After" images are not only beautiful but acheivable by the dr and lab.

3) "Smile Arts" has been a fantastic business partner of ours for many years. Our clients enjoy the best in "Before and After" imaging available and we enjoy the benefit of increased case acceptence. "Smile arts" is the only imaging that fits the da Vinci standard of quailty and you too should accept no less..."

 Bob Hoffner
DaVinci Studios
Woodland Hills, CA

"Hi Tony, Looks great! Just wanted to tell you the last pt we did, Mr.Bock, was so thrilled with the images he took it home to show his wife and children. It really gives him something to look forward to while we are doing the more mundane parts of treatment. Thank you again. Lindsey If your smile is not becoming to you ... then you should be coming to me!"

Lindsey F. Marshall, DMD
602 The Times Building Suburban Square
Ardmore, PA 19003
tel: (610) 649-0696

"I've been a user of SMILEART's services since the company's inception. 95% of the time, patients who ask to see a proposed after image agree to the cosmetic treatment I recommend. In addition, since SMILEART's work is checked by a master ceramist, I'm confident that I can reproduce the beautiful computer after-images they provide me. Yours Truly,"

Steven C. Greenman, D.D.S.
Westlake Village, California

"Smile Art has nationally known clinicians, lecturers and cosmetic labs, either endorsing or using Smile Art themselves, and after the computer enhancements they have done on me, they can add me to the list. Call Smile Art and ask about their imaging program. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Dr. Woody Oakes, Editor
The Profitable Dentist Newsletter

"I believe that today's practitioner needs to realize the value of a service like Smile Art. Imaging software can be expensive, complicated and time consuming, and sometimes the results are less than desirable. With a service like Smile Art, It's simple, fast, easy and the results are lecture quality and world class."

Dr. Bruce Crispin
Esthetic Professionals
(Woodland Hills, CA)

"What Iike is the size and quality of the pictures. The imaging is life like and real. There is definition and detail. My patients love being able to see the "possibilities" before the work has been done. It gets them more involved with their new smile. Plus the E-mail preview is a big plus! I highly recommend Smile Art to any doctor".

Dr. Sheldon Little, D.D.S.
Toronto, Ontario